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The Different Components Of Website Development And Its Definition No business could survive without a website presently. People will never visit your brick and mortar store no matter what your business is. Instead, your online store, is what they will visit. At least, looking at goods available your brick and mortar store is what they will do when they will go to your website. It is a must for any business to have a website therefore. You need to go through three stages of website development namely, building your website, promoting it and finally, updating your website when you look to build a website. Connected to owning a website is building your website which is the first activity. In the first place, the required number of web pages and linking them together is what you need to put together. The content should be carried by a homepage which makes it a requirement. In order to make it easy for the visitors to navigate through the site, it has to be linked to the other pages. Lastly, the other pages that are aimed at carrying out various functions is what you need to complete. The web developer needs to have a thorough knowledge on the HTML code, CSS, Java, PHP and Perl in order to carry out all these functions. He could build a website with all the necessary components using these programming languages. If a website has no visitors, however, then it is not of any use. Therefore, in order to get visitors, you need to promote the site. Using link building as a promotional tool, for example, is one of many ways to promote a website. When you talk to the webmasters of other sites of the same niche as yours, getting some reciprocating links that will be able to promote your site is what you will be able to do. A good promotional tool you could also do is article marketing. They help search engine optimization of the site also, which is one advantage of these promotional campaigns. As a promotional tool is what a search engine optimization itself works as since it could drive visitors to your site.
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When most of the visitors come looking for information in your websites, they should be provided with the latest information. Therefore, the information you have in your website is vital for you to update.
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Both web developers and web designers, during the designing stage, should keep in mind that visibility is of utmost importance for a website owner. They should incorporate as many SEO techniques as possible in the website, therefore, in order to make the site visible on the cyber space.

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All About The internet and the modern gadgets like personal computers, cellular phones or mobile phones, laptops and tablets, became the most popular and the most important inventions of all time. The websites became one of the most important elements and products of the internet, which can be used accessed together with the use of the modern devices and gadgets, and websites are defined as a collection of webpages with contents of various multimedia files, which can be identified by an internet user via its common domain name that is being published on various web servers. A website can be accessed by the people through a public IP or internet protocol network, such as the LAN or local area network which is private in form or the internet, by the use of a URL or uniform resource locator that is being used to identify the said website. The types of websites are named accordingly to its purpose and function of production, such as a a government website which are handled by a government employee or politicians; a non-profit organization website which is being handled by the people in an organization with a purpose other than making a profit for themselves; a personal website which is built by an individual for his own personal intentions; and a commercial website which is built by a business company or individuals who owns a business and creating such website is recognized as their way of marketing their products and services online. There are a lot of different companies which considers themselves as an online publishing platform, and the products and services that they offer to their prospective clients and customers includes free website design and development. The most popular business company that offers great quality of website designs and production is the, and the people who wants to learn more about them can automatically find their website by just typing in the name of their company in a search engine. The contents of their website includes information about them and the products and services that they offer to their prospective clients, and that includes website plans with respective prices, and the more expensive the plan you choose the more benefits you can obtain from them. One of the plans it offers is for free of charge, and by clicking the get started icon, it includes six basic steps in order to create your very own website, they included the purpose of creating the website, selection of themes, homepage design, domain name, and plans, and lastly is the creation of your account in order to become a member or client of the company.

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Why You Should Take Time to Choose the Right Good Web Hosting Provider A huge number of smart business owners make use of blogs and websites to engage with current and prospective customers. Although most business owners know the value of creating quality content, the importance of using a good web host usually takes a back seat. One of your top priorities – if not your topmost – as a business is increasing profits. If you think choosing a good web host won’t matter, think again. It will, and below are three probable scenarios with the wrong provider: Revenue Loss
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Whenever your site goes down, you lose the chance to reach potential customers and tell them about your products and services. If you have an e-store, you will also lose potential sales and income. It may be a small loss, but it can still add up over time, and it’s still a loss of revenue in any case.
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Negative SEO With a high SEO rank, you can be sure that your customers will easily find you. If your site is repeatedly down, you can expect your ranking to stay down as well. Besides, a slow website will be a big turn-off to visitors, that only decreases your online popularity further. Security Issues To protect your site against security breaches, a good web hosting company will back up your data to a remote server and make sure it can be restored easily. Also, they will give you 24-hour technical support, security, and of course, maintenance. So how must you choose the best web hosting company? Options There are a lot of web hosting options these days, including VPS (virtual private server), shared hosting, managed web hosting, dedicated hosting, and so on. Before choosing, make it a point that you have read about them and made comparisons, keeping the needs and requirements of your business in mind. Customer Service Hosting companies can always say they offer 24-7 availability, but this is not an assurance of timely and knowledgeable service. Don’t commit long term unless you have tested the response of the provider’s customer support staff. Uptime Track Record No web host can promise 100 % uptime, but you should aim for an average of 99% at least. Beyond Price As a business, you should avoid extended downtime by all means. For a limited-traffic website, basic shared web hosting is usually adequate. Otherwise, you need to invest in a good dedicated or managed hosting provider. Scalability Over time, traffic to your website will increase. You should choose a web hosting provider that can accommodate such growth. Reputation Lastly, go with a host that has a stellar reputation. How long have they been operating as a business? Will they be able to provide client references? Take a look at their average downtime stats and maintenance schedules. There are plenty lot of web hosting providers out there nowadays. Do your research and choose carefully.